Embracing tech-led change is key to the future of finance and accounting.

IN THE NEWS: Our latest feature, SmartAI, is here

Digitalisation World shares the news of how SmartAI has been developed by Aqilla to incorporate the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation, in order to learn and understand a variety of business processes within the software.


BLOG: Building Resilient Systems In A World Of Uncertainty

The world is full of uncertainties.
This blog post looks into what organisations around the globe can do to mitigate the risks of an uncertain future.

Podcast Accounting Software Partner Cloud Finance

PODCAST: The Partner Accelerate Programme

In this 15 minute podcast, we sit down with Aqilla’s Partner Manager, Emma Leigh, and discuss a variety of topics around our work with partners.

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EBOOK: 10 Elements of Successful Technology Procurements

Change is a constant, and right now many organisations need to adapt quickly against a national backdrop of depleted resources and likely investment.


PODCAST: When considering Finance – Why is now time to change?

In this 25 minute Podcast, we sit down with Aqilla founder and CEO, Hugh Scantlebury, to talk about change within the current business landscape.


INSIGHT: The Solution Array: Understanding the Finance Software Market

When searching for your next Accounting and Finance software, understanding what each vendor offers can be a complex and confusing task, especially with regards to how they align with your own organisational requirements.


IN THE NEWS: Graig Shipping feature in Digital Ship Magazine

Privately-owned shipowner and maritime financial services company Graig Shipping has rolled out the Aqilla accounting solution to help the company make decisions relating to the changing market.


IN THE NEWS: Cloud agility eases Aqilla through crisis

John Stokdyk – Editor in Chief (interim) – at AccountingWEB discussed the course Aqilla has charted through the Coivd-19 crisis.

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EBOOK: How We are Different

This eBook seeks to clearly demonstrate What Makes Aqilla Different in our approach to developing and delivering a sophisticated solution to finance professionals in business.

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PODCAST: Things to Consider when Selecting Your Next Accounting and Finance System

In this fifteen-minute podcast, Simon Bull, sales operations and business development manager at Aqilla discusses what questions you should be asking when looking for your next Finance and Accounting software.


IN THE NEWS: Effective procurement in an evolving Covid-19 world.

Aqilla co-founder and CEO, Hugh Scantlebury, argues governmental organisations need to adapt to a changed world, and procurement needs to be bold, and re-examine the essentials in this article from THINK Digital Partners.

Aqilla Accounting Cloud Software

PODCAST: On-Premises, In-Premises and Cloud Software

During this ten minute podcast, Simon Bull, sales operations and business development manager at Aqilla discusses the nuances of traditional software and cloud-based applications and explains the best approach based on your way of working and IT infrastructure.


IN THE NEWS: Finance Derivative features Aqilla “Embracing tech-led change is key to the future of finance and accounting.”

For finance professionals, the wider application of technology to analysis, reporting, processes and governance will have a significant influence on the skills and knowledge required to fulfil the various financial and accountancy roles in the businesses of tomorrow.


IN THE NEWS: Global Banking & Finance features Aqilla discussing “The Downsides of ‘Cloudwashed’ software”

The cloud goes beyond simply storing and hosting, and is at the forefront of a wave of new technological progress. Developers often work together, sharing information through open-source collaboration, creating new solutions to old problems and improving the experience for customers.


IN THE NEWS: BusinessCloud considers “What will the post-pandemic business landscape look like?”

Six industry predict their view of the “New Normal” and offer advice for businesses preparing for life after COVID-19.


IN THE NEWS: Leaving lockdown: What will happen when offices become an option again?

Post-pandemic, organisations are going to have to seriously review their finance software and begin to opt for cloud-based finance platforms. CEOs will turn to the finance department first for support with this, so accounting systems need to be able to support this business need. Every organisation needs finance software, and so having a cloud-based accounting and finance.


PODCAST: 10 Questions with Aqilla

Aqilla Founder and Director, Hugh Scantlebury, sat down for an interview with our Enterprise Manager, Chris Tredwell, who quizzed Hugh on a variety of topics…


IN THE NEWS: Post-pandemic predictions: Learning from the crisis to be stronger than before

Our very own Sales Operations & Business Development Manager – Simon Bull – was invited to share his views on Post-pandemic predictions.


BLOG: A (very) Brief History of Accounting

In this blog, we will look at the history of the role of accounting and how drivers of change in the past have brought us to where we are now.


IN THE NEWS: Financial Accountant Magazine features Aqilla

Aqilla CEO Hugh Scantlebury has been giving his thoughts to The Institute of Financial Accountants on whether finance can adapt to remote working in the long term (see page 16).