Frustrated with a lack of functionality and cumbersome reporting, the company’s CFO recognised the need for software which could provide a better way to manage the growing company’s accounting information and contribute valuable insights.

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With reduced costs, enhanced functionality, better access and no IT headaches. The adoption of Cloud solutions provide far more than just increased effectiveness, improved efficiency and lower monthly bills for today’s Housing organisations.

Watch this video for some for top tips on budgeting as well as seeing how the budgeting feature in Aqilla can help you!

Finance professionals

Modern Business has changed. It isn’t about IT. It isn’t about software. It’s not even about you. It starts with your Customer. At its heart is your product and the market it addresses.

Whether you use Excel as an extension to your finance system, or to share information with other people, it is important you consider the promises and pitfalls of this approach. Thank you for downloading our Ebook.

Quickly and easily submit expenses using Aqilla.

With an office relocation imminent, it was also time to move away from their outsourced back office arrangements and implement their own accounting system. The project team implemented cloud-based accounting software Aqilla, allowing the LGBCE to take on full responsibility for its financial information.

We are pleased to announce the launch of the latest version of Aqilla. It’s been a slightly longer than normal period between releases this time around as we’re introducing some pretty fundamentally sophisticated changes which will be welcomed by a lot of our customers accounting for multiple companies. The headline is that you will now be able to optionally account …

There are many reasons why more and more companies are choosing to switch from traditional legacy on-premise solutions to a Cloud based accounting software. Here we look at seven of the most frequent drivers which have helped a growing number of organisations save time and money by switching from Sage. Thank you for downloading our Ebook.