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If you have bad misconceptions about doing business in the cloud it’s time to rethink your position and here’s why…

Gartner 2018

There has been a considerable shift within the relatively static market of on-premise core financial management applications. This is thanks to the maturity of the cloud-based technologies who have reached a level of functional maturity that easily competes with traditional technologies. Flora Streeter, Digital Marketing Specialist at Aqilla states: “65% of customers who have signed up with us so far …

When Argonaut Capital went looking for a new, cloud-based accounting package, the UK-based business had to be confident that the software would fundamentally comply with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)’s regulations on data protection and storage. Ruling out FinancialForce and NetSuite, Argonaut chose UK-based Aqilla and it was up and running in less than one month.

Want to save time whilst generating your bank transactions? It’s time for Aqilla!

See how you can easily create a report using SharperLight and Excel.

If you’re running a growing business the challenges you face in reporting, analysis and control will grow with you. This guide from Aqilla will spell out the commonly felt problems and outline some solutions. Thank you for downloading our Ebook.

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How fast do you really need to go?

When ITN Mark was bought by the multinational Core Education and Technologies Ltd., it was the right time to move the company’s management reporting up a gear. Already doubtful of his existing system’s ability to meet reporting needs, ITN Mark’s Finance Director, Hetal Panchal worked with his provider to enhance the product but eventually had to roll with a final …


Our professional relationships may be changing but our serious attitude towards privacy and security remain the same. We are happy to share our stance on this critical requirement and provide details of the changes we have made.

Charity Finance

A finance application that can’t simply, and easily, integrate with your fundraising or contact management systems cost time, outdated finance and accounting technologies pose risk, and on-premise “traditional” accounting technologies can’t offer SaaS pricing options and require regular “upgrades” which cost money.