In today’s “ever on, always ready” culture, why are so many people still having to adopt such a lengthy process when producing an organisation’s company financial reports?

Aqilla is a modern cloud based accounting solution designed for mid-sized organisations. It helps your business succeed by offering easy to use functions and features available on demand 24/7. See how it can make the difference for your business.

Can you create a Time Sheet using your current accounting solution in under 45 seconds? You can with Aqilla!

According to research, nearly a quarter of accountants have experienced financial or reputational damage due to spreadsheet errors. Here we demonstrate how you can make the most of your spreadsheets.

Controlling people related costs is a major challenge. As a company expands it will benefit from implementing a timesheet system, preferably web-based that is searchable and links directly to the company’s accounting system.

Aqilla’s document centric approach allows documents to be stored or shared in the cloud, enabling access to important information, from anywhere.

We didn’t spend Shrove Tuesday eating pancakes or Nutella crepes (well not exclusively!). Yesterday, we were working on a new release, with delicious new features and enhancements to make your day just a little bit sweeter.