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We appreciate the challenges of keeping apace of the impact new technologies have within the finance function and are announcing this new series of monthly webinars which will demonstrate how a modern, collaborative approach to finance adds real value to the everyday workings of your organisation.

Attend our February webinar and discover how a collaborative cloud-based approach to finance adds real value to the everyday workings of your organisation and join us for a series of webinars throughout 2020.

Webinar 1 – 12:30 to 13:15 on Wednesday 19th February 2020.

“Discover why Aqilla is the last finance system you’ll ever need”

About this webinar

“Discover why Aqilla is the last finance system you’ll ever need”

The first webinar of the year, and of this series, will take you through some key features of the Aqilla cloud accounting and finance platform. Whether you require an accounting solution that can easily integrate with your organisation’s existing software, highly detailed and customisable analysis and reporting, or a tool to better manage your accounts and debtors. 

Topics covered will include:

  • Why adopting a cloud-native solution like Aqilla will simplify your financial operations
  • Why data entry and reporting in Aqilla means that you have all the information you need a just a click of a button
  • How Aqilla will implement your new system quickly with the use of APIs
  • Why our support team have the easiest job in the industry
  • Why Aqilla is more than just a finance system, with Timesheets, inventory and project accounting
  • Why a simple subscription model will benefit your growing organisation
  • And much, much more!

Who should attend:

This webinar is open to all forward-thinking finance professionals striving to push their organisation into the future by improving the performance of their department, facilitated by technological advancements in cloud-native technologies.

The next webinar in our series is:

Why Cloud is best for your finance data

During this session we will be busting some common misconceptions regarding utilisation of the cloud in finance, including:

  • Explaining how cloud software is just as reliable and secure as traditional / legacy on-premise
  • Detailing how the business does NOT lose control of business data
  • How the new breed of Cloud technologies are as feature-rich as the well-established alternatives
  • Describing the benefits to be reaped – cloud technology is about much more than “just” cost savings
  • The essential differences between Cloud-Native and Cloud-Hosted technology

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When we launched in 2006, we had a single aim: to develop software that was customisable for each organisation and individual’s needs, whilst simultaneously removing expensive consultancy and ongoing IT maintenance costs that had become the bugbear of finance teams worldwide. Over a decade later, I am incredibly proud to be delivering technology that finance professionals love to use