CASE STUDY: Simple, flexible accounting and business intelligence for this growing green energy supplier.

Octopus Energy uses Aqilla to simplify accounting and improve business intelligence. 

Octopus Energy uses Aqilla to simplify accounting and improve business intelligence.

Octopus Energy Group is a technology business launched in 2016 to drive an affordable green energy revolution.  Its domestic energy arm already serves over 1.8 million customers with cheaper greener power, and its tech arm Kraken Technologies has been licensed to support over 17 million accounts worldwide.

On average, Octopus Energy acquires 50,000 new residential customers each month alone, and with such rapid growth it needs an accounting solution that can grow with the business. 

Octopus chose Aqilla for its combination of simplicity and cloud-based features that could keep pace with the company’s changing needs. Finance Manager Genny Wu joined Octopus Energy in 2017 and continues to support Aqilla as the best choice for the accounting team. 

Simplified accounting for a growing business

Aqilla’s streamlined process and usability mean that users benefit from best in class report editing and query building that enables real-time publishing – delivering management reports simply, with views at both summary and detail level. A web-based dashboard makes it easy for anyone with permissions to view data at an instant, at any time, from anywhere. 

“For me, simplicity is good. Aqilla is very friendly to use, with extra reporting functionality that’s there if we need it.” – Genny Wu

Since its launch in 2016 Octopus Energy’s growth has continued to accelerate with established operations in Germany, Australia, New Zealand, the USA and Japan. The ease with which new territories can be incorporated into the finance function has been an important factor in supporting the business’s rapid growth.

An accounting approach that supports the brand

Octopus Energy is committed to sustainable practices, both through its customer offering and also within its workplace culture. Aqilla supports minimising the use of paper by bringing the bulk of documentation, processes and reporting online, and making them easily accessible throughout the business. 

Aqilla’s flexibility also means they can work closely with Octopus to automate processes and keep tasks moving swiftly, with minimal business disruption.

Aqilla’s CEO Hugh Scantlebury says, “It’s great to see technology do so much to improve employee experience as well as play a part in minimizing our impact on the environment.”

Summing Up

With Aqilla firmly established within Octopus Energy’s accounting workflow, Genny summarises why it continues to be the best choice, even as the business continues to grow: 

“The best thing about Aqilla is its flexibility. The business is growing and there are a lot of demands and requirements on the reporting-side. The system is flexible enough that I can quickly adapt the reports to my current needs and generate the data I need. The turnaround is very quick. That’s very useful. And if I do run into difficulties, Aqilla’s support is very good and quick to respond.” – Genny Wu

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