Family company finds new ways to mange multiple currencies Exports

A family run company, located in Kent, that exports to over 20 countries found itself struggling with their current accounting software.

Their existing system simply couldn’t continue carrying out straight forward tasks when required. Additionally this resulted in all sales inquiries having to be entered manually and with more complex transactions later being created using an Excel spreadsheet. Aqilla were able to demonstrate an easier and more efficient way this could be done with the use of their systems.

Key considerations and requirements

  • Need to address reporting and business intelligence issues
  • Needed to record sales automatically
  • Spreadsheet management
  • Complex transactions had to be calculated separately

Goals Achieved

  • Ability to manage multiple currencies
  • Simplified inventory management
  • Better business intelligence
  • Powerful reporting software using ShaperLight
  • Quicker implementation
  • Competitive offering with a subscription based price model

We have been able to demonstrate that Aqilla can handle their inventory requirement, multiple currencies and purchase to pay in a simple easy to use solution, we could provide business intelligence dash boards and powerful reporting software via Sharperlight

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