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Automatic Excel Add-In Installers

With the Aqilla Excel Add-in, the user can analyse live data, update reference data or import transactional data straight from an Excel worksheet into Aqilla.

Because we know there are two different versions of Microsoft Excel / Office, one for 32 bit and another which is 64 bit, our MS Excel Add-Ins are also available in two versions. These versions are based on the version of Office installed NOT the version of Windows (as you can still run a 32 bit version of MS Excel / Office on a 64 bit version of Windows). So if your MS Excel / Office version is 32 bit, then that’s the installer you will need (and vice versa). All you need is choose the version you require and click the download link below.

Please contact support on 020 3150 3843 if you need help.

Click here to download the Aqilla Excel Add-in. 



With this add-in installed, the user may create complex reports in Excel that link to the live data in Aqilla.

Click here for instructions on how to install or update Sharperlight Click Here.

Aqilla Functional Guide

For a full overview of Aqilla including an explanation of all features and functionality within the product click here to download this guide.

Aqilla includes the full range of essential features required by todays modern finance professional.

Our users experience an Online Accounting platform that grows with their needs and delivers results in an intuitive and easy to use application. API’s and plugins ensure easy integration into CRM, Business Intelligence, Excel and other backend systems.