TechMarketView 2020



TechMarketView is one of the industry’s most trusted news sources for everything tech-related, in addition to a wealth of their own research and partnerships across both the public and private sector.

Aqilla are delighted to be sponsoring an Evening with TechMarketView 2020 for the third year.


Last year’s event was a huge success, with a range of speakers tying into the theme of “The Year of the Relationship”.

This year the theme is “Taming the Digital Chaos”, which has got everyone at Aqilla rather excited, as we look forward to discovering for ourselves the insights that will be presented on the night. 

Attending from Aqilla will be Director Hugh Scantlebury, and Partner Manager Emma Leigh


Hugh Scantlebury Director Aqilla Accounting and FinanceHugh, along with fellow Aqilla founder Colin Christianson, launched Aqilla in 2006 with the belief that they could bring a cloud-native accounting system into the market that would change the way finance professionals operate. Since then Aqilla has grown year on year, with an accounting platform that processes transactions with a value of £874 billion, in operations across 49 countries worldwide.


Emma LeighFrom Microsoft based roles at XMA and Equanet, Emma Leigh joined Aqilla as our dedicated Partner Manager. Emma works with a growing list of partners, facilitating and building upon the strong relationships that Aqilla is proud to have fostered so far both in the UK and overseas, leveraging the platform’s multi-national, multi-currency and multi-taxonomy feature set.

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Cloud Accounting

E-book: Is ‘Big Brand’ always best?

Every industry and market has what many would refer to as the “big players”; the household brands that every Joe and Jane are familiar with. But are these big names always the best option for you? In this paper we examine one such example, highlighting the potential pitfalls that may give you a reason for a rethink.

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Independent Research Report

The Finance Professional for Tomorrow

Here at Aqilla we know that the world of Finance is in a constant state of change, with new challenges created by a changing workforce, disruptive technologies and globalisation (to name but a few) making the future even less predictable than it ever was. Intrigued as to how this is impacting today’s finance professional, we commissioned some independent research, the results of which are now available for you to review.

“The Finance Professional for Tomorrow” can be downloaded here.

The finance professional for tomorrow