“With the proper application and hard work by principled, intelligent people, we could deliver an internet with less exploitative data harvesting, freer trade, and greater online security. So, enough talking about what could be and let’s make it happen.”

Hugh Scantlebury, CEO at Aqilla


The term ‘Web3’ was first used back in 2006 in an article by New York Times journalist John Markoff. Seen at the time as future gazing and blue-sky thinking, it took until 2014 and Ethereum co-founder, Gavin Wood’s Web3 musings to ignite the public’s imagination. Today, Web3 is said to have the potential to create a much more equitable and frictionless global trading environment. Featured in Finance Derivative’s Business News, our CEO, Hugh Scantlebury, discusses all you need to know about Web3 and the future of the World Wide Web.