Aqilla is available on G-Cloud 12

The government’s 12th iteration of the popular G-Cloud procurement framework, which helps customers in the UK public sector find and buy cloud computing services, has now been released.

London, UK – 28th September 2020. Aqilla, the cloud-based intelligent accounting and reporting application, has today announced that it has again secured a position on the G-Cloud services list, and continues supporting public sector organizations in their quest to take advantage of new technologies in order to deliver faster benefits and reduce costs, as well as meeting desirable environmental and sustainability targets.

CCS technology pillar director Patrick Nolan said the G-Cloud framework continues to be a “great public sector success”.

“It encourages innovation and improves services for UK citizens by allowing customers and suppliers to find each other easily,” said Nolan.

For an organisation such as Aqilla (a member of the G-Cloud initiative since it’s 6th iteration), seeing the continued growth and support for businesses such as ourselves is a positive one and the company continues to look forward to supporting this essential sector.

What is it?

The G-Cloud is the UK government’s online procurement framework. Started in 2012, G-Cloud set out to provide the public sector with a supplier list of cloud specialists, with the goal of simplifying what was an increasingly complicated procurement and tendering process.

Since its launch in 2012, more than £6bn of cloud and digital services have been purchased via the framework, with close to 42% of that spend going directly to SMEs, the CCS reports.