Espresso Podcast - Why "True Cloud" Finance Software Is The Choice For Enterprise Organisations

In this Podcast we are joined by Chris Tredwell – Enterprise Business Manager at Aqilla – and discuss the challenges and best-practice approaches/considerations for finance professionals within Enterprise organizations.

As a mid market, “designed for Cloud”, Accounting / Postmodern ERP solution. Aqilla is designed to meet the needs of Enterprise finance today, and into the future. The platform provides agility and adaptability and will seamlessly work alongside any application that utilises an API, such as:

  • CRM, such as Salesforce
  • HR Systems
  • Specialist Product and Supply Systems
  • Specialist Warehousing and Inventory Systems

When combined with a logical approach to multi-currency and multi-company transactions, its the logical choice for organizations that are focused on the future.  Octopus Energy is one such organization, and one of the latest customers to have shared their experience.

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