Aqilla Cloud Based Accounting Product Release: 2020.02

Delivering further transformational improvements

The latest release of Aqilla is now available to all customers 2020.02


Currency is now automatically looked up for Documents imported via the Excel AddIn from the Debtor/Creditor account, in the same way as documents created in browser.


The new “eye” icon for previewing attachments now also opens external linked attachments.


Making Tax Digital (MTD): Fraud prevention headers have been adjusted to match the latest UK HMRC requirements. In addition Group VAT Returns display a warning message if a “group” entity attempts to create a VAT return before all subsidiaries have submitted theirs. VAT Adjustments now also support Debtor accounts as a valid purchase type.


Data Audit: There are now a range of mandated audit controls in places including changes made to the ‘Auditable’ flag itself. There are now 4 audit settings: Never, No, Yes, Always. If Aways is set, the audit cannot be turned off for this entity type. This is preset for major configuration entity types and Bank Account details.


Workflow Groups: A new “Use Seniority” has been added. The setting is off by default. When it is on, the current user can access documents owned by other users only  if other users’ seniority is not higher than the user’s. It can also control access as well as facilitate a straightforward approval / reject process.


New “Standing Order” Payment Method.


Updated support for German locale to control numeric and text formatting.


Built-in Email Services: Significant changes and enhancements have been made to the way emails are sent from Aqilla.  From this release emails now make use of Amazon Web Services. All emails are now more securelyDKIM signed (DomainKeys Identified Mail) to prevent spoofing and improve the deliverability and traceability of emails sent out on behalf of our customers.