Product Release 2022.11

Aqilla delivers new Excel Add-in and increased flexibility in the control of ledgers linked to specific companies

The latest release of Aqilla (2022.11) features a new Excel Add-in and increased flexibility in the control of ledgers linked to specific companies. For exclusive access to our full release notes click here.

New Excel Add-in

NB: This release is a mandatory upgrade for all users of the Aqilla Excel Add-in. For assistance with this update, head to our designated help page here.

image 1 aqilla ribbon

This new version of the Aqilla add-in contains a number of significant improvements to the way that the various options are presented to the user. These enhancements make it easier to find and use the many options that are available through the Aqilla add-in. The Add-in is now automatically certified for compatibility with Microsoft 365. In addition, the add-in is now directly visible from the new Aqilla tab as opposed to accessing via the Add-in tab and features a new Aqilla Ribbon.

Retrieving and updating reference data has also been made much simpler. Once a particular type of reference data has been selected in an Excel sheet, a new additional ‘Quick Actions’ option shows the actions for the selected reference type.

Controlling Ledgers by Company

This feature allows the user to specify which ledgers may be accessed by each company in a multi-company instance. For instance if one company is in the UK and another in the USA, then the GBP currency ledgers should be limited to the UK company and the USD ledgers limited to the USA company.

The Ledger Definition may also define a single default ledger (across all companies). This will be used if no specific company default has been defined.


Extra Cost of Sales Options

An additional ‘Cost of Sales Account’ has been added to the Item record when Inventory has been enabled. This additional account can be useful when using the Inventory if multiple Cost of Sales accounts are used.


New SmartAI Feature

The ‘sinceLastCall’ feature for API calls has been replaced by a new ‘modifiedAfter’ parameter, which allows the API to retrieve only records that have been modified after the specified date and time which works more efficiently when very large updates to Aqilla are applied via the API.