Product Release: 2023.03

2023 Anniversary Edition delivers new advanced payment processing to Aqilla users

The latest release (2023.03) of Aqilla sees the introduction of a number of features to provide greater flexibility in the way you can make payments in Aqilla through the Payments Process while adding greater control of who can do what. For exclusive access to our full release notes click here.

In this release, updates have been made to:

–   Payment Processes

–   HSBC Priority Payments

–   Improved controls on access to Accounts Payable and Receivable accounts

–   Plaid Renewal of Bank Connection Credentials

The current pre-defined Payment Methods have been replaced by new user-definable Payment Profiles to give greater flexibility in defining how suppliers are paid and in particular enabling payments to be made from multiple bank accounts within the same company. With this greater flexibility, the process of creating a bank payment file has been enhanced to be able to select which bank the payments are to be processed and in some cases which potentially separate payment format to use.


To achieve this the workflow for the Payments Process has been redesigned to allow for multiple suggested payment runs to be managed and through the use of Workflow Groups greater control is available to define what each user is able to do within the payments process.


Switching over to the new version should be seamless for existing users, as Aqilla will automatically create workflow group permissions for existing Pro Users capable of processing payments. The new features allow a great deal more fine-tuning of controls, including being able to set pay value permissions at an individual account level as opposed to the overall payment value being authorised.

In particular, users should note certain key changes within this release:

 –   Enquiries: Transaction Status has been renamed to Payment Status

 –   In Configuration: the Payment Export Format is moved from the Company Definition to the

new separate Payment Profiles section

 –   Transaction Statuses: the “Entered” transition state is being renamed “Standard”

 –   On Creditor accounts: “Bank Branch” has been relabelled to “Bank Branch/Country”.

To find out everything you need to know about the 2023.03 product release, please read the full release notes here.