Product Release 2022.11

Introducing seven new upgrades including a new Excel Add-in and expense line filtering enhancments

Product Release: 2023.11


The most recent update introduces a new Excel Add-in, streamlined expense line filtering and approvals, and various other improvements. The principal enhancements in version 2023.11 are as follows:

Expense Line Filtering/Approvals


Expense Line Filtering/Approvals

  • Expense Enquiry can be used to select expense documents based on the contents of individual expense lines. This is available using the “Select additional criteria” button. Selecting a filtered expense document will display the full contents of that expense document.


Expense Enquiry


  • Using Enquiry Data Filters within the Configuration section, a similar filter may be defined, linked to one or more users. In this case, the filter is applied to both the document selection and the individual detailed view of the document such that only the lines that meet the criteria will be shown.
    There is an option in Enquiry Data Filters to only apply the filter when the document is in a read only state. This is designed to limit approvers to the lines that apply to them, but they can still create and edit documents, viewing the whole document while it is in an edit state.

Excel Add-in (optional upgrade)

  • A new option for Documents to “Upload and Release”.
  • Reference data can now be uploaded into Aqilla in much larger quantities.


Payment Reversal

Now supports “Single BACS” payments.


Financial Periods

A new flag has been added to indicate that the period is an “Adjustment” period. Typically, this is Period 13 of a financial year. This flag will be used in future asset depreciation functionality.


Financial Periods


Bank Account Selection

Stricter account filtering has been applied to Bank Transaction documents, Payments, Automatic Bank Reconciliation and Manual Bank Reconciliation so that only the bank accounts applicable to the currently selected Company are available.


HSBC Priority Payments & Generic SEPA Payments formats are now supported!

These formats require ISO Country Codes to be specified. This is achieved in Aqilla by using a lookup of the ISO code based on the Country specified in the Supplier record. If using these payment formats, care should be taken to ensure that the correct country name is specified.



When making a payment in a foreign currency it is now possible to select bank accounts specified in the Base currency, provided that the bank account has been flagged as Currency Variable.