Product Release: 1101

Aqilla is pleased to announce that version 1101 of Aqilla has been released (Tuesday 8th February). This new version includes enhancements to purchase orders, payment methods, document posting and Excel add in and financial reports. Enhancements include:

Print Purchase Orders

An option has been added to the Purchase Order document processing to enable printing and emailing of purchase order documents. This option works identically to Sales Invoice printing except that it requires the setting of the new Purchase Recipient Email field in Supplier details to be able to email the purchase order to the supplier directly from Aqilla.

Payment Methods

Two new payment methods have been added to the Payments process – “Direct Debit” and “Single Direct Debit”. These new payment methods provide another method of grouping accounts into separate payment runs and like the other payment methods, the system will create separate payment transactions into the bank account for each account being paid if “Direct Debit” is used or a single payment if “Single Direct Debit” is used.

Documents Posting Warning

In order to help prevent posting documents into the wrong period, an additional warning has been added when you select to post a document. If one or more documents are dated outside the current period a warning is displayed when you confirm the post.

Excel Add-in

  1. A number of performance enhancements have been added when using the add-in with Excel 2007 or 2010. If you are using either of these versions of Excel, we recommend that you request an updated version of the Aqilla add-in.
  2. Two new document types are now supported in the Excel Add-in: Purchase Invoices and Sales Invoice (Services). This functionality enables bulk uploading of documents from within Excel and extend the existing support of Miscellaneous and Sales Invoice (Products) documents.

Please note that the Aqilla Add-in is not currently supported on the 64bit versions of Excel. This is due major differences in the way web services are handled between the 32bit and the 64bit versions of Excel.

Financial Reports

A new option has been included into the Break Out options. This allows you to specify whether you wish to see in the list of break outs when there are no transactions to report. For instance, if you have defined a Profit & Loss report to be broken out by Profit Centre you can choose to display the report for all Profit Centres, irrespective of whether there have been any transactions selected in the report or just those Profit Centres that have transactions.

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