Product Release: 1208

We are pleased to announce that version 1208 of Aqilla has been released on Tuesday 31st July.

Client Accounts

The client accounts feature provides the capability of specifying that a creditor account may be invoiced using sales invoices and sales credit notes as well as handling purchase invoices and purchase credit notes. By setting a new “Client Account” setting on the creditor record to “Yes” and linking a customer account to it using the Creditor Account Code in “Statement Receiver”, you may now create sales invoices using this new customer linked to the creditor account.

Note that for processing purposes, the client account will be treated as a creditor account and if the account is in credit, it will be available for payment through the Payments process. Any sales invoices will be matched off as part of the payment process. The Debtor Statements function will not normally include client accounts but individual statements may be produced by selecting a client account.

Period Posted Date

When a document is posted the Period Date is now stored against the original document. This may be viewed in any of the document enquiry summary views. The advantage of displaying the Period Date is that when documents are Rough Posted it is now easier to check what period to re-post the document to, particularly when posted to a period outside the normal document date.

Excel Add-in

An optional upgrade to the add-in fixes a problem with numeric fields occasionally not being fully displayed in the column where there is a mix of decimals. Customers need only copy the latest aqillaaddin.xla which is available to download from the website file to overwrite the existing file to install the upgrade.

E-book: Dispelling the (five) myths of accounting in the Cloud

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