Product Release: 1212

Latest Release of Aqilla sees the addition of Combined Cheque and Remittances along with new API features.

Given the apparent and surprising longevity and popularity of using cheques as a valid business payment method, a new option has been added to Aqilla to support combined remittance and cheque printing.

This is very simply activated by selecting the Payment Method as ‘Cheque’ on the relevant Creditor account. Cheques are generated by running the Payments process as normal which will post the accounting entries into the ledger with the payment transactions numbered in strict cheque reference sequence.

Users should contact us if they are interested in using the new standard combined Remittance and Cheque document layout or if a special format is required.

This new release also sees enhancements to the Aqilla RESTful API to provide some new “parameterless enquiry” views to enable 3rd party applications to more easily read a range of information on demand.

Finally a new option in the Transaction Matching function now allows a user to specify whether the automatic matching capability is enabled or not allowing the user to more intuitively match by exception or by inclusion.

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