Product Release: 1308

September beckons in a new release of Aqilla, the best mid-market, multi currency accounting software in the world. All customers can now take advantage of the following further enhancements with immediate effect.

New Change Password Function

Rather than waiting for an Administrator user to do so, users may now change their passwords by selecting the new option, next to the extensive On-line Help at the top of the screen. To change a password users must first enter the existing one before keying the new one twice to ensure accuracy.

Financial Reports – Export Expanded Report to Excel

When processing fully expanded reports which could ultimately result in thousands of rows of data, it is now possible to export a fully expanded report to Excel without first expanding the report onto the screen. This is much more efficient and puts less of a strain on your browser resources.

Disabled Accounts

A useful feature, as of this release an account can be marked as disabled in the Creditor, Debtor, and General Ledger Account functions under the Reference tab. Once an account has been marked as disabled, a document containing a disabled account cannot be Posted (or even Rough Posted) to the ledger. The user will receive a notification that one or more accounts have been disabled. If it is not clear which account is disabled, the journal may be previewed under the Journals tab to identify which specific accounts (shown in red) are affected.

Budget Documents

The current budget compilation documents enable you to analyse by one dimension of analysis based on one of the ledger attributes or project. This is defied dynamically when creating a new budget document. Following this release it is now possible to specify additional attributes on either the budget header or detail lines using the Attribute Wizard found under the Configuration tab. Once configured, these attributes will be available on all budget documents.

Excel Add-in

You can now use the Microsoft Excel Add-In to upload Purchase Order documents in addition to all the others previously available. No new update to the Add-In is required to support this function.

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