Product Release: 1508

Summer is not over yet, and neither are our enhancements. You can find Aqilla’s 1508 principal enhancements already published on our software. Expect a handful of fully improved features to boost our software and help you on your daily challenges. Whether you’re loyal customer or simply just starting, don’t miss our engaging new enhancements:

Account And Ledger Enquiry

Based on feedback from our customers, we have made further improvements to the enquiry functions work in order to make them even more intuitive and easy to use:

  1. The Period and Allocated selections have been moved above the collapsible selection to make these key selections more visible and easier to modify.
  2. To make it easier to view the source document the option has been moved next to the Transaction Reference and changed to a button. The selection now takes you directly to the source document (bypassing the document summary view).
  3. The default sequence of transactions has been changed to show the most recent first instead of the oldest first. To show the oldest first, simply click on the Transaction Date heading.
  4. The drop-down list of additional selections has been simplified such that any unused attributes are no longer displayed.

Value Based Approvals

A new Value Based Promotion feature means it is now possible to define a value limit for a user when promoting a document from one stage to another (this includes any workflow transition such as Releasing, Approving or Posting itself). By way of example, it’s now possible to specify more than one person who can approve a purchase order, with each person having different value limits. When a person attempts to approve a purchase order, the total value of the order is compared to their value limit and if it is exceeded, the approval cannot take place. This is a much-requested capability and will hopefully be welcomed by many of our users. We take pride in listening to what our customers have to say and doing our best to convert that into new features or enhancements.

Editing Attachments and Comments on Posted (Read Only) Documents

The default settings in Aqilla mean that attachments and comments cannot be changed when a document is in a read-only state such as Posted. This behaviour can now be changed through the use of an internal flag. This may be of interest to those users who wish to use the Comments notepad as a mean of providing an on-going, additive record of the Document life-cycle after it has been posted to the ledger, such as would be the case recording notes against a sales invoice as part of a dunning process. Please contact if you wish to have this setting changed to be editable in any state.

Additional Keyboard Shortcut

When entering multiple lines in a document, users can now use the key combination of Ctrl – Shift – Ins(ert) to complete the existing line and start a new line. This supplements the existing shortcut Ctrl – Ins(ert), which will create a new line in a document once an existing line has been completed. According to the context, this shortcut can also create a new “anything”, such as a document or reference record when in a summary view. In addition, holding the Ctrl (Control) key whilst pressing the left arrow (←) key – and not the Backspace key – or Ctrl + ← performs a Back action. For example, if you have drilled down from a report you may use this shortcut to return again.

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