Product Release: 1605

THE UEFA EURO 2016 IS HERE. Everyone is ready. The tournament has started, we took the national t-shirt out of the closet and added the games dates to our calendar. But there’s more…Version 1605 of Aqilla has been made available. And with it, more functionality.

Smart Search Shortcut

Any Smart Search field (i.e. entry fields that are displayed with a yellow background) will now automatically set the wildcard character “%” in an empty field if you double click with the mouse. Using the % character enables you to search for the value or text in any position in the database. For example %cab would find “Cable Tie”; “12.5m cable” and “Storage Cabinet Rack”.

Financial Reporting – Copy Columns

It is now possible to duplicate individual report columns when designing a Financial Report. This can be useful when creating a number of columns based on similar criteria such as the example below where separate columns are to be displayed for each department.

The copied column copy can be subsequently modified to meet the requirements of the new column.

Financial Reports – Drill-Down Across Ledgers Or Value Dimensions

If a financial report is reporting against multiple ledgers such as subsidiary companies, budgets or forecasts, it is now possible to drill down into the details of these ledgers in the same way as you can for the main ledger. When drilling down, the heading of the enquiry will reflect that you are viewing a different ledger to the main ledger. For example, drilling to the Salaries account in the Budget Ledger will result in the following being displayed:

Expenses – VAT On Mileage

When an Expense Type for Mileage has been configured to Reclaim VAT, the calculated VAT amount on the expense sheet may now be edited to make any changes to the calculated value (to account for rounding for example). If you clear the displayed VAT amount, the value will be recalculated.

HSBC – BACS Payment Format

Version 1605 sees the introduction of a BACS bank payment format for HSBC. To make use of this format users need simply select the appropriate Payment This format in the Company Information section under the Configuration tab.

Australian Bankers Association – ABA Payment Format

In addition to the other formats, Aqilla also provides support for the Australian Bankers Association (ABA) format used when The ABA payment format is now supported for customers of HSBC in Australia. Again the format is selected using the Configuration/Company Information option.

VAT Rate – Default

There is a new flag on the VAT Rate definition to enable one of the rates to be specified as the default. If the default is set, the default will be displayed if nothing else is setting the rate.

Budget Document = Analysis Breakout

Users may now use ANY of the available and adopted ledger text attributes to sub-analyse a Budget Document or submission.

Big Document But Small Screen? We Got That!

If space is a premium (and in a series of enhancements we’re making to the Aqilla user interface which will be rolled out over the next couple of releases) the OK or Accept Changes and Cancel buttons will be visible at the right edge of visible space (and we don’t mean that which is studied via Hubble Telescope). You may already have noticed a number of subtle changes already including, for example, the new Add Home Screen Gadget dialogue introduced a couple of months ago.

Quick Setup Of Approval Workflow

The default Aqilla PO Workflow can now be applied to any document type. This can be handy when the approval chain is the same for POs and other document types which is not uncommon whereby a manager can normally approve similar routed Documents. NB the “PO Close” transition will only be displayed only if the document being displayed is a PO!

Editable Attachments Option

There is now a hidden flag to enable the editing of scanned documents or attachments, notes or comments associated with Posted Documents. When set the ability to delete or replace attachments will be allowed only be possible by users possessing data modification permissions to the given view. This is something your Consultant can help configure for you. Contact us if you would like more information on this.


More and more Aqilla customers are making use of the flexibility to create, for a short period only (sometimes just for one month), an “Auditor” user with Read Only access to save them having to export or download data and load financial data into unprotected and in the main ungoverned spreadsheets. Normally such a user only has, to run reports and enquiries and even post adjustments, be a Core Service user and as such this service is available from as little as £10 per month. Such Auditor users with Read Only access are not be able to modify or delete attachments so system integrity in terms of Aqilla being a reliable system of record is maintained at all times.

The REST (As The API Says) Is Easy

Aqilla 1605 includes a huge raft of enhancements introduced over the last few months to the RESTful API interface supporting more Documents, more actions, support for Attachments (although this won’t be fully supported until Summer 2016), CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) requests, “Promotion” of Documents to support Approval, Release or Rejection by 3rd party applications and lots of other things which make integrating with applications like, trading and banking systems even more straightforward, whilst at the same time making your technical team very happy indeed.

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