Product Release: 1712

1712 Release of Aqilla brings further refinements

The latest releases of Aqilla see another swathe of enhancements to the built-in Workflow Groups Editor. Along with a new “User First” perspective, Documents in the last state of a Workflow can now be selected in Document Enquiry views, allowing them to be printed. The workflow copying facility also now ensures that no more than one “Own” permission exists for Access, Transition and Modification rights for the target user globally in all groups.

In the core ledger system, the Journal Corrections function now includes columns for Period Posted To and Asset codes.

In Expense Processing (who has to buy a 3rd party expense management system?? Not Aqilla users that’s for sure….) all columns on in-process claims are sortable.

Financial Reporting sees the Period Spread feature now being capable of extending out to 53 columns so now a full year of weekly periods plus adjustments can be displayed on a single report.

The Debits function now works similarly to the Payments process, with ‘More Selections’ added to refine what is being receipted and auto allocated.

Users can now set screen length on Reference data views when using large format monitors and now having a quantity on a Service Sales Invoice line can be made optional. (subject to configuration)

Finally the VERY clever Aqilla API (Application Programming Interface). This is used to integrate Aqilla with all sorts of third party line of business solutions; from SalesForce to PayPal and Magento. This can now allow authenticated RESTful requests to attachments. If you want to know more about this please get in contact with your Aqilla account manager or implementation consultant.

Today’s Top Tip

You know you can right click on an empty date field and it will fill in today’s date? Of course you did!

And finally….

All of us at Aqilla would like to wish all our customers, clients and partners a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you in 2018.

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