Trabsport Emissions

Carbon Footprint: Analysis of Transport Emissions

n this blog, we look into a world of CO2 emissions, and how a forward-thinking client used the expense feature in Aqilla to monitor and manage their transportation-related carbon footprint. Anders Valum, from the Aqilla team aimed to build a web report outlining their emissions across various transport types.

Aqilla Cloud Accounting Podcast Software Change

PODCAST: When considering Finance – Why is now time to change?

In this 25 minute Podcast, we sit down with Aqilla founder and CEO, Hugh Scantlebury, to talk about change within the current business landscape.

Aqilla Cloud Accounting Podcast 10 Questions

PODCAST: 10 Questions with Aqilla

Aqilla Founder and Director, Hugh Scantlebury, sat down for an interview with our Enterprise Manager, Chris Tredwell, who quizzed Hugh on a variety of topics…

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