How can getting to know your customers on a personal level can give you a competitive advantage?

Understanding and connecting with customers on a personal level can be a game-changer for your business. It’s not always just about transactions and business affairs; it’s about building relationships and getting to know your customers on a deeper level.

Regular Updates and Customer Feedback

The Importance of Regular Updates and Customer Feedback

Unlike many accounting systems that rely on annual updates, Aqilla actively listens to customer feedback and rolls out regular releases throughout the year. This approach allows us the flexibility to stay current without being constrained by a specific timeframe, enabling us to release updates whenever deemed necessary.

Global Diversity Awareness Month

Why is a diverse workforce important in the finance industry?

In this blog, we look into the advantages that a diverse workforce can offer to organisations. Finance is an industry traditionally perceived as male-dominated and lacking diversity; therefore, this blog aims to explore just a few of the many reasons why diversity is crucial in the financial sector.

Aqilla Cloud Accounting Podcast 10 Questions

PODCAST: 10 Questions with Aqilla

Aqilla Founder and Director, Hugh Scantlebury, sat down for an interview with our Enterprise Manager, Chris Tredwell, who quizzed Hugh on a variety of topics…

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