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Aqilla Automatic Excel Add-In InstallersAqilla Automatic Excel Add-In Installers

Aqilla has new Excel Integration Add-In updates. We keep the same advantages and data features, but with a new simpler installer.

Quiz: Test Your Excel SkillsQuiz: Test Your Excel Skills

You work with MS Excel every single day. But can you say for sure you are an Excel Guru? Test your Excel skills with this free online quiz. It contains 10 questions and takes 5 minutes to answer. At the end of the test, you'll see your score and see how you compare to other people. You can share it with your colleagues or just keep it to yourself. Enjoy!

10 Useful & Time-Saving Excel Shortcuts That Will Make Your Life Easier10 Useful & Time-Saving Excel Shortcuts That Will Make Your Life Easier

Most (if not all) of our users use Microsoft Excel on a daily basis and there are some challenging situations that could be avoided with some tricks and shortcuts Excel has.

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