The Solution Array: Understanding the Finance Software Market

Solutions Array: Peer-to-Peer Finance Software Views

When searching for your next Accounting and Finance software, understanding what each vendor offers can be a complex and confusing task, especially with regards to how they align with your own organisational requirements. GrowCFO, the online community for leading finance professionals, regularly surveys of its members to discover:

  • How long has taken to implement a new finance system
  • The cost and dependency upon third party suppliers
  • Recommendations of finance systems based upon their features, cost and service

Below is a screenshot of the latest Solutions Array based on these findings that assess the performance and capability of leading vendors across four distinct segments, relevant to an organisation’s size, scale and agility compared with the cost of acquisition and ownership.

The four segments outlined above are:

  • Established SME – accounting systems suited to the SME Market
  • Legacy ERP – larger, more complex, on-premise software evolved from older products
  • Traditional ERP – larger systems facilitated by the cloud that dominate the Enterprise space
  • Postmodern ERP – the new breed of “Designed for Cloud” solutions that are challenging the traditional vendors across all markets

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