UK eco-friendly organisation

ops for modernised cloud based solution

The eco-friendly organisation were looking for a modernised cloud based solution which allowed them to import and export data more efficiently.

Aqilla were able to provide this along with improved analysis and better reporting.

At the beginning, this eco-friendly organisation were using an old legacy version of Great Plains for all their financial tasks however, this provided little flexibility and offered poor reporting. As this was primarily an on-premise system it would always require a member of staff to manage it on a regular basis. This resulted in some tasks being left outstanding.

Key considerations and requirements

  • Automation
  • Improved reporting
  • Better analysis
  • A modern cloud solution
  • Simpler import/export of data

Goals Achieved

  • Improved reporting and analytics
  • Reduced effort through combined Ledgers
  • Excel integration
  • Modernised finance function

Aqilla modernised our finance function with greatly improved reporting and the ability to capture more analysis. The use of a combined ledger dramatically reduced the time it takes to prepare management accounts.

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