An exciting new development within Aqilla’s Finance and Accounting software. 

Reduce errors whilst automating time-consuming tasks efficiently and without the need for manual input.

Aqilla presents SmartAI, an exciting new development within Aqilla’s finance and accounting software. 

SmartAI has been developed by Aqilla to incorporate the use of Artificial Intelligence and Automation to learn and understand a variety of business processes within the software, resulting in these tasks being run accurately and efficiently without the requirement for manual input.

By enabling the system to learn the nuances of our customers’ business processes, Aqilla is able to significantly reduce the likelihood of errors occurring whilst automating time-consuming tasks, even when decisions are required to be made throughout the process.

Aqilla SmartAI has been developed by the team at Aqilla using a range of techniques and methods consisting of AI, Automation and “Fuzzy Logic”.

Through the use of an API, Aqilla SmartAI is able to deconstruct data fed into the system and forward it to where the data is required in an appropriate format.


Benefits of Aqilla SmartAI

  • Automation of a variety of tasks and business processes 
  • Reduction in errors
  • Huge time-saving benefits that enable the accounts department to focus on more pressing tasks

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