Powerful Financial Reporting & Analysis

Aqilla features, as standard, a selection of Smart-KPIs (to track financial and non-financial metrics). These define and aid the measurement of progress against operational and strategic goals.

Simply and easily extend your reporting across multiple companies, currencies or analysis codes. It will help you provide management reports for the board in a simple format. It is easy to update and a dashboard that anyone with permission can view, at any time and always live.

Financial Reporting Made Simple

Aqilla provides a powerful reporting system with an easy to use report editor and query builder. Queries can run as an Excel plugin or on its own application. You can create a number of reports that can be published to Excel or the web. A simple licensing system means it is an affordable solution to an often time consuming process. The license cost will pay for itself in the first month. The addition of a web viewing license at an affordable cost means you can publish reports to anyone at any time in real time.

 A management console can be available for queries and reports which can then be published through the web, all this content can be re-filtered and refreshed online and accessed anyway via the URL. This view can be extended further to include maps, graphs, gauges and anything else you need in order to present your data. This can also be published to CSV, HTML and Word.

Simple month / period end process

No arduous end of period routines need to be run, in this way Aqilla fits around the business, not the other way round.

Views & Query Builder

Document views can be created at both a summary and detail level of each of the source document types and ledger transactions. Queries can be constructed to view Sales Invoices, Purchase Invoices, Expense Sheets, etc. often making the requirement to print hard copy reports unnecessary.

Summary views can be expanded into details to show what transactions make up that summary. These views also provide intelligent drill-down capabilities so that information may be examined in different dimensions. For example from an account enquiry, the user could select the journal number to display a journal enquiry for the selected transaction or a transaction enquiry by selecting the transaction reference.

Smart KPIs

Smart-KPIs (to track financial and non-financial metrics) define and aid the measurement of progress against operational and strategic goals. Crucially these KPIs also provide an immediate assessment as regards the present state of an organisation and in doing so help prescribe likely courses of action to address areas requiring attention.

Smart Search

To assist in efficient and fast processing of documents, Aqilla has Smart-Search capabilities implemented throughout. When typing data into any Smart-Search field, the system will automatically generate a drop down list of records that includes matching information. Continuing to type will focus the results until the correct item is ultimately selected from the drop down. Smart- Search enables you find information quickly and efficiently, reducing errors in the preparation of documents.


With Aqilla, our reports are produced by following a much simpler process, saving us so much time.

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