Complete inventory control

Highly adaptable inventory mapping for simple management of stock from supply to delivery and invoicing.

Inventory control

If your business depends upon the storing of stock – be that for sales or production purposes – you appreciate the importance of efficient inventory control.

Inventory Control, like everything else in Aqilla, is easily configured to suit your organisational needs. Built for the modern enterprise, stock can be easily managed from supply to delivery and invoicing through the use of our highly adaptable inventory mapping tool.

Operational functionality

  • Multi-location availability (including default locations)
  • Items can be bought, stocked and sold in different quantities 
  • Automatic conversion between different units of measure. For example, an item may be purchased in boxes of 100, stored as singular items sold in dozens. 
  • Items can be specifically itemised as purchased, sold or both
  • Capability to cope with returns, disposals and item errors
  • Can define rules for movements e.g. – pre-set inter-locational movements
  • Excel add-in to enable bulk upload/editing of data 
  • Integration with 3rd party fulfilment and supply solutions via Enterprise RESTful APIs
  • Built in SmartKPIs to minimise inventory by providing timely provision of what is needed when it is needed
  • Serial and batch numbers can be applied at header or line level
Inventory and stock control in the cloud

Aqilla Smart AI

SmartAI has been developed by Aqilla to incorporate the use of Artificial Intelligence and Automation to learn and understand a variety of business processes within the software, resulting in these tasks being run accurately and efficiently without the requirement for manual input.

By enabling the system to learn the nuances of our customers’ business processes, Aqilla is able to significantly reduce the likelihood of errors occurring whilst automating time-consuming tasks, even when decisions are required to be made throughout the process.

Through the use of an API, Aqilla SmartAI is able to deconstruct data fed into the system and forward it to where the data is required in an appropriate format.

Benefits of Aqilla SmartAI

  • Automation of a variety of tasks and business processes
  • Reduction in errors
  • Huge time-saving benefits that enable the accounts department to focus on more pressing tasks

Financial features

  • Accurate costing 
  • Multi-Currency
  • Items can be predetermined for VAT purposes
  • A number of  matching methods can be used inc. FIFO, LIFO or manual
  • Accounting treatment is handled automatically
  • Ability to drill down to particular movement whether dispatch, receipt or transfer
  • Product group analysis, comments, variety of costing methods (standard, latest, actual) 
  • Purchase orders for replenishment can automatically update inventory. Alternatively, the 3-way matching process can be applied to Purchase Orders, Goods Receipt or Purchase Invoices matching against Goods Receipt
Financial Reporting

A range of user benefits

  • 100% and immediate visibility of stock availability 
  • Information about products can be customised to capture characteristics such as quantities, value-based weights and volumes. 
  • A straightforward Event or Document-driven interface
  • Detailed enquiries either by individual item or across a range of items showing all movements of stock
  • Built-in Workflow to support the business process from: order and supply to customer receipt, automatically converting between units of supply, storage and issue and 
  • Proactive support of business process with workflow for document-driven activity such as inventory issues, receipts, transfers 
  • Images of items can be stored for easy picking and identification of products

Video: Stock Adjustments In Action

Aqilla has a range of operational, financial and user-focused features to ensure that you always have the most up-to-date, easily accessible information and functionality to manage your inventory.

See how Aqilla can be used to allow inventory adjustments based on a physical stock take.

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