“Aqilla’s implementer was really good at interpreting what we needed doing and offering alternative ways to achieve it. There were times when we changed our mind when we realised a process could be improved, and he was always able to make the changes quickly because he knew the system so well.”

– Julie Davis, Finance Director at Ryedale Group


The Fintech Herald discusses how Aqilla has helped family-run, sustainable plastic printing business, Ryedale Group, to counter the disruption caused by the pandemic and gain a competitive edge. Now in its third generation of management, Ryedale has recently been transformed: “radical change” to processes and technologies across the organisation have created greater efficiencies, improved the customer experience, and increased productivity. Implementing Aqilla accounting software has not only helped Ryedale achieve business improvement goals but has also made a major contribution to reducing business expenditure, enabling savings well in excess of £50,000 a year.