Product Release: 1301

The principal enhancements have been to the underlying architecture resulting in improvements to performance in a number of areas. The majority of changes will result in no noticeable change to the behaviour of Aqilla but the following two areas should be noted:

Printing PDF Documents

This has been changed to behave in a similar way to the current production of Excel reports. When Aqilla is ready to print a report it will download the PDF file to your browser and depending on your browser settings will either display the document in a separate window or save the file onto your local file system for later viewing and printing or ask which action you require.

Excel Add-in

When working with large numbers of rows of reference or budget data it has been found that Excel Version 2010 can take a large amount of time displaying the check boxes for the Update and Delete operations. These check boxes have been modified to greatly improve performance particularly when displaying more than 1000 rows.

These enhancements have required a mandatory update to the Excel add-in. If necessary, users should contact Aqilla support for details of the user name and password. Note that if you are upgrading, it is only necessary to copy the new aqillaaddin.xla file to overwrite the existing file. Ensure that Excel is not open when this file is being copied.

Automatic Bank Reconciliation

Bank statements exported from the LloydsLink online service have now been added to the supported formats for the Automatic Bank Reconciliation function. Existing formats are already available for Barclays, Lloyds Link, “Sage” formats, RBS (Bank Line) , Clydesdale Bank, Bank of Scotland, Nat West (Bank Line & OFX) and CAF Bank (which is another OFX format for Not for Profit organisations).

E-book: Dispelling the (five) myths of accounting in the Cloud

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