Product Release: 1303

Easter brings a range of further enhancements to the mid range Cloud based accounting and business solution from Aqilla in the form of the 1303 release. In keeping with our regular stream of updates made practical by our use of a modern Agile development methodology, this latest version includes the following additions:

Automatic Bank Reconciliation
A number of enhancements have been made to this function including one to somewhat counter intuitively turn off automatic matching! Under certain conditions it may be preferable to disable the feature and manage the process manually. When taking this approach totals are now displayed at the top of the screen to show the value of the selected transactions on the ledger, the downloaded bank transactions, and the difference between the two.

Users can now sort the data selection in this function by clicking on any of the columns. The downloaded bank transactions automatically follow the same sort sequence as selected in the ledger transactions. It is also now possible to manually match transactions while automatically matched transactions are being shown.

Following some customer feedback, a new option exists to clear downloaded transactions based on an optional ‘Date From’ parameter within a specified date range. This is useful for example in the situation where the same transactions may have been inadvertently downloaded twice for whatever reason.

When working with large amounts of transactions, an new optional selection may also be applied to the ledger transactions to aid identification.

Built In Document Management

An option has been added to enable the viewing of scanned attachments stored against any transaction or piece of reference data such that the user can elect to either view an attachment directly in the browser or choose to save the file locally.

Creditor Account Addresses

It is now possible to link the creditor account to either a Supplier or a individual’s address as defined in the Aqilla Personnel function (the Account Address field in Creditor Account Edit will now select from both sources of addresses).

Microsoft Excel Add-In for Aqilla

There is an optional update to the Excel Add-In which includes some cosmetic changes. This is not a mandatory update and the existing version will continue to work with this new release. If however you wish to install the latest version, download the latest copy of the Aqilla Add-in from our main website at in the “Integration with Microsoft Excel” section.

Username and passwords are available from Support in the normal manner. Note that if you are upgrading, it is only necessary to copy the new aqillaaddin.xla file to overwrite the existing file. Ensure that Excel is not open when this file is being copied. Further information on installing the Excel add-in can be found in the Aqilla on-line help.

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